Corpus Interius

Corpus Interius is a fine art project focusing on the artistic representation of the unseen world of the human microbiome. It juxtaposes the beautiful and grotesque using drawings of bacteria of the GI tract to form micro compositions, or traces within a macro composition inspired by the structure of the interior of the colon, tissues and cultures. It invites viewers to get close to the drawings to see the world of the bacteria which have been laboriously drawn under magnification. It was influenced by the artist’s experiences with Crohn’s Disease, which inspired her to create work that promotes understanding and interest in the dynamic systems and delicate balance of the gut and the microbiome. The goal is also to encourage conversations related otherwise hard to discuss subject matter that often complicates the lives of those who suffer with digestive illnesses.

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1_ks_corpusinteriusiCorpus Interius I and detail, 20in x 20in, pen and ink on paper